Mikhajlo Borowik
(born 7/11/1908)
Founder of the first parish of Native Faith - "Vesna" (1968), in Canada


M. Borowik - 1971

We are tired of all the unhappiness we have created for ourselves due to our mistakes and ignorance. We do not know how to find the good that is needed to eliminate the evil. God has created everything good in our life; we have created the bad. Some of us try to oppress others, leaving the impression that we are the chosen people and are superior, using God as an excuse for our behavior. Why is this happening? This is happening because all religions do not correlate with science. The science and technology of today have made a giant step forward, in comparison with the science during the time of the Bible, Koran and other religious books. Authors of so-called “good books” lived in primitive times and had a primitive understanding of Nature and the Universe. All such books, which today are called “saintly” or “unmistakable”, are in conflict with today’s history, biology, astronomy and natural sciences. During the time these books were written, the people did not understand the world around them. As a result these books ask us to deny ourselves the pleasures in life in order to obtain a better life in heaven.

However, God created this world for the enjoyment of man. The facts stated in the Bible, concerning the killing and robbing of whole nations under God’s blessing, are primitive and do not stand up to a scientific point of view. Many prophets of the Bible practiced terror and sadism, which today’s priests teach us were the will of God. They profess this only to preserve the ancient traditions of the Church. The people are divided into hundreds of differen1 hostile sects. Even in the largest of these sects, where love is preached every Sunday, love does exist. Each sect’s priest teaches that his way of believing is the right way. The time has come to reject all biblical tales that conflict with scientific findings. This needs to be done in order to understand God, the Universe and our life’s purpose in this world. Each nation should preserve only those traditions that do not conflict with today’s science, cultural development, technology and medicine. Unfortunately, this does not exist. Each religion tries to preserve its own traditions, even though they may not be for the good of man. Among us, there are too many religious fanatics who use these old traditions for the betterment of themselves; to live in fame, richness and power. Political dogmatists do not see a better way for society other than feudalism or Marxism, but there is always a golden mean that should be taken for the good of the people. Today’s religions are based on stories told by shepherds. The intelligence of those who wrote the stories can be compared to that of a shepherd’s who, when looking up to the sky, sees stars, yet has no more understanding of those stars than do his sheep. As a result, they wrote that they saw God, talked to God and that even the biblical Jacob fought with God. They wrote that God asked Jacob to release him before sunrise, as if He was afraid of the light, walking only at night. But such a “fight” with God goes against the nature of God’s law. All people arrive in this world, grow old, become sick and die in the same way. This proves our equality in the eyes of God. If one of us learns to cheat or to live at the expense of others, it is not the will of God but our own means of becoming evil.

Today’s Christianity, which is divided into many sects, is not built on a solid foundation of Truth, but on legends, malice, fraud and robbery. During biblical times it was common to go against someone and to take his goods and property. To proclaim it today as the will of God Would be a crime against God and Truth. At this time there were certain political and religious reformists who tried to improve their own life and the lives of their people. Soon after their departure, power fell into the hands of swindlers who only wanted to rule the people. As a result, existing laws were changed and new ones implemented which contained elements of slavery and religious terror. And, so, the New Testament was formed which teaches man not to enjoy this world but only to think of heaven and life after death. But the masters who proclaimed themselves rulers did not hurry to enjoy heaven’s paradise, but preferred to enjoy their earthly paradise. The paradise in heaven was reserved for slaves.

God did not create masters and slaves. He created all human beings with the same right to life and growth. These so-called masters were swindlers who developed laws to protect their own life and glory. They wrote in their gospel, “Slaves obey your master as if he were your God.” It is difficult to imagine a crime greater than someone being forced to serve a master as if he were his God, and forbidden to think about his own life and freedom. For many centuries people suffered from religious terror. Slaves were being killed like animals without any protection from their state or religion. Priests were not aware of the crime they were committing by offering last rites to the dead and sending them to their paradise in heaven. Jesus spoke about people’s self-destruction in order to get to heaven quickly and because of such teachings, He, himself was sent to heaven. We do not know about Jesus’ exact ideas since neither he nor his apostles put them in writing. The apostles’ original manuscripts did not exist during the time the First Nicene Council met to write the creed. Each delegate brought with him copies of the original manuscripts the apostles supposedly had written and made statements that these manuscripts were in fact copies of the original. Many of these manuscripts contradicted each other and were rejected by the Council. From the remaining manuscripts, the Council selected those which could be expanded to please King Constantine and Bishop Nicholas. Later these were further expanded by Augustine and other church dignitaries. This is why, in today’s New Testament, there are many inaccuracies and contradictions. It is absurd to believe that God created the devil, delivered our world to him, then changed his mind and redeemed us with the life of His son. God has no wife, sons or daughters. He is not a man like the Old and New Testaments present Him to be; wearing a robe, belt, beard and long hair. Such an interpretation is to ridicule God and proves man’s ignorance in understanding God, Nature and the Universe.

This is why the time has come for all the people of the world to wake up and reject such biblical stories which are the roots of our unhappiness, wars and terror. Even in our time, religious fanatics are destroying everything which does not go according to their religious legends. What is happening today in Belfast, Beirut, Iran and other places? People within the same country are fighting each other , destroying belongings and persecuting each other only because of their ancient religious legends, which they call holy traditions. For this, a fanatic will destroy his own brother in order to protect something he himself is unsure of.

God created the world. The world is constantly growing, changing and developing. The process of growth, change and development represents eternal youth and happiness in the world. We should be thankful for God’s creation and use it for our own happiness and pleasure. We are going through a stage of earth-life under God’s direction in order to fulfill our purpose in this life. Today, there is scientific proof that there is no death in nature. We cannot completely destroy anything; we can only change it to another form. Energy is the base for the building of all material and physical compounds which after they decompose return to a different form of energy. In all of God’s creations: people, animals and plants; there is a creative mind which designs their order and development. This is the same for the entire Universe. God is the supernatural creative mind which is the source of all motion in both physical and spiritual life.

All the people of the world, in their various languages, refer to this supernatural creative mind as “Creator.” The belief in this Creator did not originate from any one missionary or bible. Man receives in his body the feeling towards spiritual life the same way as he receives a feeling towards physical life. Who has taught man to eat, drink, sing, cry, to be afraid, or to be courageous? Who has given all this to man? Or is this maybe a coincidence? No, all this was given to man by a Creative Mind. The same Mind which has also given man the ability to love God and the spiritual feeling of eternal life. All people, from the northern Eskimos to the Brazilian cannibals, worship God in their own way. Civilized, as well as primitive people, have the understanding of God as being the creator of the world. From this we see that man has a natural drive towards God. Nature acts as an executor of God’s will in the same way as a machine in a factory executes the will of its engineer. If a simple factory cannot become a factory without its engineer, how then could our intricate universe develop into what it is today from chaos, without there being a supernatural creative mind. A mother that is dead cannot give birth to a living child. Everything in the universe that is physically or spiritually damaged will gradually perish. Everything in nature is alive. Science and technology have proven to us that energy is a form of life. But even energy is not an absolute. There are many other things in this universe that we are not able to understand because we cannot see them.


God is the Creative Mind and center of all creation in the Universe. He is called by many names – among them Holy Spirit and Father. However, it would be absurd to simultaneously call God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for even among human beings a father and a son cannot be the same. Another misconception we have of God is that we perceive Him to have the same form and character as that of man: working, tiring, relaxing, sitting on his throne, often angry and full of revenge, making mistakes. condemning and redeeming man and Earth, etc. According to such beliefs anyone who does not believe in the biblical teachings will suffer in eternal fire. God is a spirit and a creator who never sleeps, relaxes or tires of work as man does. He is always working and directing the forces of nature to maintain its order while changing for a new, better and more beautiful universe. Even primitive man perceived God to be this way. But later came maniacs with their delusions of grandeur, who developed tales which described God as being similar to them. Thus God had a beard, wore clothes, knew anger and revenge, made mistakes and had other similarities with man such as robbery, the ability to make war and kill. As a result, many different religions were formed. Everyone has his own conception of God. History is full of massacres based upon religious differences. Unfortunately, these differences still remain today. Often God is used as a defense for national and political domination of others. The time has come to stop all misfortune. This can only occur through a true scientific conception of God. Why this and not force? Terror will never be successful in its fight against deception. Only Truth can conquer falsehood.

One of the biggest mistakes Christians have made is their misunderstanding of God. They believe God to be the main driving force in all creation. However, they replace God with Jesus and rely on Him for eternal life and salvation. Even Christians do not completely agree in their interpretation of God the Father and Jesus the man who was born to one woman. Human beings cannot give birth to Gods. The assumption that man can give birth to a God is humiliating to today’s science. Man can be born with ,great potential and even genius ability, but can never replace God.

Jesus was only a simple reformer of Judaism. He, as any reformer, wished good for his people. In his preaching, Jesus emphasized the old biblical dogmatic beliefs and incorporated them into the new religious teachings. He preached self-denial while on Earth and obedience and love for Him above one’s own father or mother, sister or brother and even one’s own life. The leaders of Israel saw the danger and harm of such teachings and sought for the chance to kill Jesus. No written form of Jesus’ teachings remains, only legends (stories) which were passed down from one generation to another with changes and additions. These were useful for the decaying Roman Empire under the Emperor Constantine. We know from history that during this time slaves were a threat to the existing system. Constantine understood the usefulness of such teachings, regarding his slaves, which promised equality and salvation in heaven and emphasized the same obedience and respect for the emperor as for God. Out of all this grew a new form of rule which used not only the sword but incense and the cross as well. This new form of rule kept the people under both physical and spiritual oppression. On one hand they were taught to “love thy neighbor” and on the other hand, to hate him if his political or religious views differed from their own. This teaching to love thy neighbor and hate him for heterodoxy still prevails today. Each Christian believes that his concept of God is right and persecutes his Christian neighbor for having a different concept of God. Some Christians await the coming of Jesus who will come to judge with a sword in hand. Can a healthy minded reader, like yourself, believe that God, the Creator of the whole universe and main source of all life, will come to Jerusalem, sit on His mighty throne and rule with such brutality as man rules? Only a child or an adult with an underdeveloped mind can believe such tales. It is astonishing today to see on television, well dressed, educated people engaging in a serious discussion concerning such beliefs. Parents argue with their children about their indifference towards religion and their church attendance. But why should they go to church if today’s church exists on a false and primitive conception of God, while today’s science and technology have made such progress? While today’s schools teach children of new scientific discoveries, the church teaches the opposite. For example, science has proven that man existed on Earth for millions of years, yet the church teaches that man has only existed for six thousand years since the creation of Adam and Eve. Today we read in newspapers about new archeological findings: remains of animals, fish, reptiles, people, etc., which science has proven to have existed for millions of years. But in many churches this is rejected and even laughed at. Today’s intelligent youth see the primitiveness in the church and refuse to go where science and truth do not exist. Is this not the time for “Fathers” and “Reverends” to halt such biblical teachings? I believe it is high time to stop teaching such biblical tales because they are destroying our youth and creating generations of atheists. This atheism or godlessness produces destruction of culture, demoralization of nations, savageness and an animalistic way of life.

In the past, many good clergymen were aware of this fraud and tried to make changes in order to make things better. But they were unable to do so because this betterment needed to be built on a new foundation which they did not have. This is why all reform, until today, was only the repair of old Christian beliefs and not the construction of new concepts dealing with life and order on Earth. Christianity emphasizes happiness in heaven rather than here on earth.

But God put us on earth to enjoy life, self-improve, develop physically and spiritually and as part of the eternal change in nature. Let us use it and enjoy it. We must not blame God for our failures. Instead we must improve and come to a better understanding of our life. Christianity offers us only suffering on earth and a promise for a life of leisure in heaven. God did not create leisure in nature. God Himself is always working to keep order in the ever-changing and developing universe. Concrete evidence of past historical events cannot be found in the Bible but in archeological findings made possible by modern technology.

Who are we in Nature? We are God’s highest form of creation on Earth. We are to fulfill His plans for the beautification of the world. This is why God gave us individual characteristics such as color, culture, and language. We are like a bouquet of various flowers. What kind of beauty would there be in this world if all flowers were the same color? All people – white, yellow, black and red – have the right to develop their own individuality for the beautification of Nature. We can differ in our national dress but in our hearts there should be no place for animosity towards another nation. Each of us can worship God in his own native language. We should not be hostile towards someone who worships God in a language other than ours. Because we are all creatures of God we should not use slander or fight with weapons to settle our differences. Today’s scientists are sharing and exchanging their findings with all the people of the world. Religious leaders should use and coordinate their findings with their teachings and not rely solely on biblical stories. Today we see spiritual decay in every nation of the world. For this reason someone should take it upon himself to lead and save our youth and find the reason why they are indifferent towards religion, church and even their own traditions. After researching youth and their religious attitudes, I have come to the conclusion that youth is not interested in the church because of what they are taught in schools. The historical and scientific information they receive In school contradicts the first five books that deal with Moses in the Bible. As we know, the Bible claims that God chose Moses as the leader of His “chosen people” to conquer for them a land. Such teachings can be compared to those found in Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. Christian youth has turned away from the church because of scientific and biblical conflicts. Also many Jewish people now consider the Bible a simple history book full of legends instead of a “holy book”. Today people in the world need brotherhood. This should be based on every person’s equal right for life and the development of their culture and language. Today in many free countries, such as the United States or Canada, we have the right to speak, write, move, and believe what we will. No one can force us to abandon our native language or culture in the same way as they cannot force us to abandon our beliefs. But in the past this was different, because in many countries the church was not separated from the state. The Italian citizen and genius, Bruno, was burned by the Roman Catholic Church only because he tried to teach his people about the Earth and the Universe, which at that time, conflicted with the teachings of the Church. This happened because the Church consisted of clergymen who were narrow-minded fanatics. Each of them only cared about the Church’s right to dominate the body and soul of a person. In schools, priests physically punished small children because they did not learn biblical tales such as Noah’s Ark and the flood. Such criminal acts of the past contribute to today’s atheism and people’s indifference towards religion and the Church. Unfortunately, even with this knowledge today’s priests will not consider making the necessary changes in the Church. They consider themselves God’s representatives on earth absolving us of our sins in God’s name and promising eternal life in heaven.

There is only one God. Thus a nation cannot monopolize God just as they cannot monopolize the sun, which is a source of energy shining for all the nations of the world. There are many religions and divisions within the Church, each claiming that their God is the one true God. This contradicts their teachings of there being only one God. As a result there evolved many “speculators” or “businessmen” who further divided the Church for their own personal enrichment. But why won’t these religious leaders work with scientists, astronomers or archeologists? Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed were not Gods. They were only people who did not even know the shape of the Earth or the stars in the sky. They al1 claimed to be prophets who preached about damnation and the end of the world and not about prosperity as we see it today. These so-called prophets never foresaw such conveniences for man as today’s television sets, automobiles, airplanes, computers, etc. For their own glory, these prophets preached about self-denial and people’s obedience towards their dogmas. Such teachings never advocated the improvement of life, but only life’s worst.

How should we worship God? First of all, we should pray only to God the Creator and not to Jesus. No one can save us spiritually, only the Spirit who created us. It is absurd to believe in God and at the same time to pray to Jesus. It is also absurd to believe in God, yet accept the biblical stories of terror, robbery and adultery which were committed by so-called “saints” of the past. The true God does not make mistakes, is not evil and does not seek revenge against His creations. Secondly, in no way can we serve God. God does not need servants or slaves, nor does He need sacrifices. Our worship to God does not need to be long, loud or ceremonial. God even hears our short prayers from within ourselves. Our prayers to God should not be servile, but a demonstration of our love and respect for Him. All forms of our worship should help us obtain a new spiritual strength needed to make us wiser and our life better.

No one has ever seen or talked to God. Each of us recognizes God through His creations. I am not suggesting the complete abolishment of the various ways in which we worship God, but our Churches should do away with all primitivism and idolatry. Also God’s temples should be rid of all saintly images. Since such temples are places where God and Nature are taught, we could worship God more fully if these buildings had pictures of nature like the mountains, rivers, and trees and sayings calling us to respect and believe in God the Creator.

Clergymen, it is your responsibility to teach and educate those people who do not know the Truth but who hope to acquire it from you. Every Sunday you teach the people to believe as our ancestors did, but our ancestors did not know as much as we do today. Man’s progress is seen in all phases of life, but your beliefs are based on superstitious tales that are thousands of years old. For example, in the Islamic world women are still slaves. They are treated like animals. They don’t even have the right to show their faces. We can also find thousands of examples dealing with the humiliation of man, which cripple him both physically and spiritually, in Buddhism and Shintoism. Religious fanaticism is causing chaos within countries and animosity between the nations of the world.

I am not advocating the construction of one central religious government for the whole world. Such a world government could be infiltrated by swindlers who would try to force their country’s religion on others, thus making it the sole religion of the world. Each nation should build its own form of worship to the one true God according to its language, customs and culture. But there must be cooperation, the exchanging of ideas and brotherhood between all people of the world. All imperialistic undertakings towards the domination of the spirit and body need to be condemned once and for all. God and the Universe are one. In nature there is variety and this should be preserved for its beauty and not destroyed. Religion should only be based on Truth. Unfortunately, in today’s world it is difficult to find Truth. If it cannot even be found among religious leaders, how then can we find it among simple men? In their search for Truth many good people begin to wonder whether it exists at all.

But Truth does exist! The question is where and how one should begin to search for it? This task should first begin in schools with students and teachers. It is more difficult for the older generation to abandon their primitive religious beliefs. A movement should be organized which would deal with the purification of our primitive religious beliefs in our search for Truth. This movement needs to be an international one encompassing all languages and countries of the world. We should not search for Truth among Buddha, Mohammed; Krishna, Constantine, Nicholas or among Roman Popes. What did they know about our life as it is today? A people’s progress and cultural development is the result of a steady search for the new. The same should hold true for all religious matters. We, the older generation, should encourage our youth to initiate and lead this movement. No type of force or restriction should be used by anyone in the process of purifying our beliefs. All such interference should be considered an act against world progress. Every country should keep their unique traditions when worshipping God. The traditional lies and misconceptions of God are harmful to man. A person’s life and intelligence are in constant change. For this reason traditions also need to be changed. Primitive man constructed images of God from wood and stone because he needed to see his God in order to worship Him. Unfortunately, some Christians, even today, practice this tradition. They do not realize that when kissing the cross they are kissing the gallows and neither can be a symbol of holiness or sacred, since they are instruments of death. Before we can honor Mary, the mother of Jesus, as the queen of heaven, we need to decide what and where heaven is. How can a human being on earth become king or queen of the entire universe, especially today, when we probably know that life exists on other planets that may be more intelligent than ours? Christians have made Jesus into God, Abraham the manager of heaven and the apostle Peter the gatekeeper with keys in his pocket. All one hundred and forty-four thousand of Jesus’ ministers were chosen from the Israelites and not one of them from a different nation. With such teachings, Christians have voluntarily put themselves in second place. However, it would be unfair to accuse the Israelites of this. All the Bible represents is the history of Israel and some legends, which were both written by her people. Unfortunately, other nations accepted these legends which many Israelites themselves did not believe in. Christians became true believers of these tales. I do not blame such believers, since they were born into this belief and were not able to deeply analyze the spiritual conception of God. They need help and direction to find the true God.


Each man, within himself, needs to examine his own beliefs. He has to throw out those beliefs which are primitive and those which portray a false conception of God. Each man also needs to get rid of harmful customs like Lent, restriction of enjoyment, animosity towards those who think differently, the worship of statues and pictures, bowing before human beings who were proclaimed Gods, and the ritual of Baptism. In order to be pure before God we have to purify ourselves and our minds but not by such rituals as Baptism. Pure beliefs will bring us closer to God, will teach us morality and culture, free us from fanaticism and will bring all people closer without bloodshed or conquest. Every man has the right to live, praise and glorify God the Creator for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us. Let God help us to understand the Holy Truth in order to enrich our mind and our life. Let us respect only one God, because everything depends on Him. Glory to only one God forever! So it shall be!
Wisdom and Truth were created by God, we should look for them in His creations.
* * *
Everything in life that does not go according to nature’s law is a falsehood.
* * *
Falsehood exists in narrow-minded people. Its great success is due to the large number of these people.
* * *
Do not hurry to heaven in search of paradise. Paradise exists wherever there is God’s life.
* * *
Man’s habits have greatly influenced his life and often destroyed it.
* * *
Man does not only feel happy from becoming drunk with alcohol but also with false teachings.
* * *
Do not search for God in temples or old books, you’ll find him in Nature.
* * *
To understand God means to understand our own spiritual eternity.
* * *
There is less wisdom in an educated man that is spiritually empty than in an uneducated man who is spiritually full.
* * *
People learn from their own mistakes, so don’t be ashamed to recognize yours and correct them.
* * *
Man’s biggest mistake is the fear of telling people the truth which may not please them.
* * *
Fear humiliates man, making him a coward, forcing him to beg for things he does not want.
* * *
He who does not know is not dumb, but he who does not want to know and thinks he knows, is.
* * *
Some people are ready to die for their brother while others destroy their brother so they themselves can live.
* * *
An educated man who practices idolatry is no more enlightened than an uneducated man.
* * *
Before anyone searches for Truth in other religions, he should first examine his own.
* * *
God is holy and those who believe in Him should be honest.
* * *
No religion should be physically forced upon a person against his will.
* * *
No one needs to be forced to see Truth, but only shown the way.
* * *
Unite, common believers! Your wisdom will show you the true way to God.